Tools of the trade: Anthogyr crown and bridge remover


Tools-Saferelax+ombreReview by Dr Anand Patel, Extreme Dentistry, Darwin, NT

I purchased this tool about 18 months ago and use it for almost all my crown removals. It’s a huge improvement over crown splitter type instruments.

 What’s good about it

This crown remover acts like a hand piece and is attached to the slow speed motor. With the tip engaged under the crown margin, jackhammer-like vibrations loosen and lift the crown, allowing the dentist to remove it in one piece. It works equally well with temporary or permanent crowns.

It’s also quick and effective at removing three- or four-unit bridges. Inserts loop around different points of the bridge and, on activation, force is applied to opposite ends in simultaneously. This drives the bridge up and out.

In situations where a patient needs root canal work under a crown, there used to be only two options. The crown could be removed using a crown splitter, the root canal completed and a new crown fitted. Otherwise, access could be obtained through the crown with the access point sealed upon completion. With the Anthogyr Crown remover I now have a third—and better—option. The crown can often be removed in one piece and the root canal completed. The original crown can then be cleaned out and re-cemented back into position.

This instrument works equally well with cement retained crowns and implant-supported bridges.

 What’s not so good

It’s a powerful instrument and you need to be careful when using it. The crown tends to give way suddenly and without warning. If you’re not careful, it’s easy for the hook to catch on soft tissue and cause damage. I always have retractors in place to guard and protect the lips and soft tissue. It can also be less effective with resin bonded crowns and bridges.

Where did you get it

Quinn Dental Supplies (0433 321 669,


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