Tools of the trade: CEREC


4.-Tools-of-the-trade-CEREC-Premium_PPBy Dr Roger Puckridge, Dentists of Tasmania, Sorell, Tas

For me, CEREC has made dentistry fun again because I enjoy doing great aesthetic dentistry in one easy visit. Since purchasing our machine I’ve been using it two or three times a day—and would happily use it 10.

What’s good about it

CEREC is fantastic for cracked cusp syndrome, inlays, onlays and posterior crowns. There is minimal post-operative sensitivity or tissue trauma, while the aesthetic results are of an extremely high quality. Patients love the design process and they tell their friends.

Margins and contacts are within +/-25 µm and the ceramic feels and looks like natural tooth.

The intra-oral camera and 3D design software are easy to use and good support is available from Sirona. You can produce veneers, anterior crowns, implants and bridges. However, for the more difficult cases, an oven is required on-premises to glaze and stain the restoration to get the best results. Initially, I would advise using the online portal and sending the information digitally to a CEREC laboratory. I highly recommend using Ceramic Studio ( for these cases.

What’s not so good

The big issue is the cost. A CEREC is expensive but, after the initial purchase, the material costs are far lower than a conventional lab. To really get the best out of the unit, it may also be necessary to purchase a porcelain oven. The process is fast, but it still takes about 90 minutes.

Where did you get it

Sirona ( I suggest contacting Rebecca Sail. She’s the Victorian CEREC specialist, and is extremely knowledgeable and committed to her clients.

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