Tools of the trade: A-dec 400 chair


A-dec-400CF03_300-1by Dr Gus Jones, Narrabeen Dental Care, Narrabeen, NSW

I’ve had this chair for about three months and have been very happy with it. A-dec have managed to fix everything that used to bug me about my old A-dec chair.

What’s good about it

The biggest improvement is how comfortable A-dec has made this chair. Patients remark on it all the time without me telling them that I have a new chair.

It comes with an LED light that has three levels of intensity and a UV filter. The filter is really handy when working on composite resins. It’s important to keep the light clean as patients stare right at it. This light has a corrugated surface so any dust or fingermarks are much less obvious. A quick wipe-down is all that’s required.

All the filters on the chair are easy to change. The primary filter that catches the bulk debris is very easily accessible. It also has a wide diameter suction tube that gives increased suction strength.

The water bottle is also easy to fit. Instead of having to screw it in, it just snaps into a bracket. The headrest has a wide range of movement to suit most people. Patients who needed towels under their neck in the past can now recline comfortably on the headrest.

What’s not so good

The chair is set up so that everything can swing on a bracket arm from one side to the other. This makes the chair suitable for right- or left-handed dentists. The arm swivels around the whole chair and has quite a wide radius. This style of chair wouldn’t be suitable in a very small surgery.

Where did you get it


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