Tools of the trade: Diaceram 3-Step Polishing Kit




Review by Dr Paul Dollar, Bay Terrace Dental Care, Wynnum, QLD

This is a great intra-oral polishing kit for use on fully milled zirconia crowns. I start the process with gross reduction using medium or coarse grit diamonds. That is followed with an initial polish using red and yellow band fine diamond finishing burs and water spray. The crown is then ready for Diaceram’s 3-Step process.

What’s good about it
The kit has a series of progressively finer, diamond-impregnated rubber polishers that leave a really smooth finish on the zirconia surface. The three steps are abrasion, polishing and smoothing of surfaces, and high shine.
The burs come in three different shapes—flame, cup and disk. This makes it easy to polish any aspect of the crown anatomy, including fissures, cuspal inclines and flat surfaces such as contact areas.
I’ve been using this kit sporadically for the past six months and the burs are still in good condition. Patients are always impressed with the results—the kit leaves any adjusted areas feeling as smooth as the rest of the untouched zirconia.

What’s not so good
While the kit is autoclavable, it only comes with one diamond-impregnated felt wheel. Even though this is a single-use product, replacement wheels aren’t really required. At the end of the process, the finish is pretty glossy without using the felt wheel.

Where did you get it
Dental Burs Australia.

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