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Maloof1_Bby Dr Clem Maloof, Earlwood Dental Services, Earlwood, NSW

The first time you look down a microscope, you can’t help but stare. That’s because you’re absorbing more information that you’ve ever imagined. It’s a wonderfully clear, shadowless, three-dimensional view. If you want to revitalise enthusiasm for what you’re doing and prevent fatigue then you should get yourself a microscope.

What’s good about it

A lot of people think a microscope is simply about magnification. The reality is that it’s about increasing your working life, decreasing fatigue, and eliminating physical and mental stress. It’s important for dentists to be able to reproduce their technical ability as well at 5pm as at 8am.

This microscope allows me to deliver an immediate diagnosis with confidence. I have heard criticism that a microscope leads to over-diagnosing clinical problems but that’s clearly not the case. Rather, the user needs to apply new disease recognition criteria as received visual information is multiplied. It’s a tool that allows you to be more precise, faster, have a better feel for your work, enjoy it more and be proud of your results.

I use the microscope with every patient and with every procedure. Keeping the subject in focus soon becomes second nature. A manual objective is very beneficial for dentists conducting examinations in all planes of the mouth. Once the patient is at the right height, you can zoom in and out of magnification with one click of the objective.

I have a monitor feed so patients and staff can watch what I am doing live. It’s like an intra-oral camera except that I have mirror and probe in hand to illustrate the diagnosis. I often get the ‘message received’ nod in amazement from my patients.

What’s not so good

There’s a learning curve to using microscopes correctly and it’s very beneficial to get some guidance. Most suppliers are able to direct you towards some training. It’s also a good idea, if you have the opportunity, to speak to someone who’s actually using the model you wish to purchase.

Where did you get it

Inline systems.

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