Tools of the trade: Hawe SuperMat matrix system


by Dr Ian Gurner, Ian Gurner Dental Care, Hobart, TAS

This matrix system works very well for direct composite restorations, specifically for posterior teeth. It’s useful for virtually all multi-surface restorations in posterior teeth.

What’s good about it

I particularly like this system for large composite restorations in the posterior region because the matrix system has multiple curvatures which mimic natural tooth form. It creates a more anatomical form, saves time in shaping, trimming and polishing, and improves the function of the completed restoration. When dealing with a large cavity, it creates a more stable restoration than other matrix systems. I’ve found it particularly useful when dealing with older clients who have very broken-down teeth and are not in a position to afford extensive indirect restorations. This is a significant and increasing section of my client base.

Large posterior composite restorations can be hard work and a serious challenge to build natural tooth form in a time-effective manner. The SuperMat system goes a long way toward resolving that problem.

What’s not so good

It is relatively expensive compared to other matrix systems. I’ve had some slight difficulties with the ratcheting system in a couple of cases. In some situations where there isn’t good stability, it can be hard to get it tight enough on the main tooth structure to complete the restoration easily.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas 

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