Tools of the trade: Kavo DIAGNOcam digital imaging system


digital imaging systemby Dr Jena Ward, Skye Dental, Capalaba, QLD

The DIAGNOcam is a digital imaging system that uses fibre optic transillumination. It’s a little like an infrared camera that highlights and detects decay in teeth. It excites patients because they can actually see their own decay, cracks and early lesions live on the screen in front of them.

What’s good about it

The big advantage of DIAGNOcam is that there is no radiation associated with the device. I can use it to detect early lesions with cancer patients, pregnant women and children without fear of any adverse effects.

You hear a lot of patients say they didn’t trust their last dentist and simply didn’t believe that they had numerous cavities that needed filling. The DIAGNOcam allows you to show them the condition of their teeth so they can see the decay. The patient no longer needs to simply take the word of the dentist; we can show them the hard evidence.

It’s always nice when I can point out an early lesion that doesn’t need filling at that moment. I explain that with lots of flossing and watching the sugar intake, it can actually be prevented from getting any bigger.

We save all the DIAGNOcam images, along with any X-rays, to the patient files. There are often things that aren’t picked up by X-ray that are very clear on the DIAGNOcam image. I think it works very well to use both tools in combination. We’ve had this unit since 2014 and it’s been very reliable with no issues.

What’s not so good

While it’s very easy to take an image of the posterior teeth, it can be a bit difficult to get the right angle for the anterior teeth.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas from the lovely Emma Addy.

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