Tools of the trade: Kerr Herculite XRV Ultra Composite


compositeby Dr Lora Banicevic, Corner 32 Dental, Putney, NSW

This is a fairly new product that was given to us by a Kerr rep to try. We don’t normally experiment too much with our patients but we tried this and really liked it. Now it is used regularly in our practice.

What’s good about it

This composite material is very effective when building up large restorations, especially posteriorly. It has quite a firm consistency making it very easy to use when a significant amount of build-up is required. While it could also be used for smaller restorations, I tend to only use it for the larger ones.

When the composite is placed and shaped, it will stay in position until it’s cured. This allows for a lot of control in regard to the final shape of the filling. I find this material very easy to use, position and manipulate.

The aesthetics of this composite are also fantastic. It blends well with the surrounding tooth structure and looks very natural, even when using a single shade. It does come in three different shading options though—dentine, enamel and incisal. The polishability is excellent which means the end result looks lifelike so our patients are very happy with it.

What’s not so good

This is an excellent product but it does take a little time to get used to placing it and adjusting occlusion. It’s not very sticky, which is a good thing, but it’s also fairly firm.

Most of the other more commonly used composites are slightly softer so they’re a bit easier to mould and adjust. However, once you get used to this composite, it’s easy to feel confident that you are placing durable restorations that will last long-term.

Where did you get it

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