Tools of the trade: MaximEyes Galilean loupes


loupesby Dr Angela Schuurmans, Ingle Farm Dental, SA

The loupes I was using prior to these were very heavy. They were also uncomfortable and wouldn’t stay in place. The MaximEyes Galilean loupes have been a huge improvement.

What’s good about it

The best thing about these loupes is the comfort of the frame. They are so lightweight that it really is no different to wearing a pair of glasses. They don’t need a strap around the back of the head; they just stay in place.

The loupes also have a removable LED light that I find very useful during surgical extractions, implant surgery and endodontics. Even though I use the loupes all the time, I only use the LED light for specific procedures as it’s a bit heavy.

There’s a fitting on the inside of the safety frame that can take prescription lenses or a filter. Hogies are able to supply the correct wavelength lens so the filter protects your eyes when working with a laser.

The loupes can be easily flipped up while I’m wearing them. This is another advantage as I like them to be out of the way when I’m talking to a patient. The lenses can be simply adjusted so the image is sharp and clear. While it’s possible to get an optometrist to adjust them, I find it’s just as easy to do it yourself.

These loupes are comfortable to wear, have a good working length and don’t interfere in the consultation process.

What’s not so good

The LED light has a separate battery pack that is clipped onto your belt. There’s a cord that runs down to the battery pack and can get in the way. It would be great if the light was cordless.

The light also adds a bit of weight to the frames and then I do need to add a strap to the back to keep the loupes in place. I want them to be very secure when I’m scrubbed up, doing surgical or implant work.

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