Tools of the trade: Neoss Implant Kit

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by Dr Rand Benard, Skygate Dental, Brisbane, QLD

There are a huge number of implant kits on the market but the Neoss kit is easy to use and very simple in its layout. Using this kit has made my implant work much easier.

What’s good about it

Once all the X-rays, scans and planning guides are complete, I’ve found that this kit is quite easy to adapt to each patient’s situation. The actual kit is laid out very clearly with a logical progression of each element. They also include a laminated template that shows the linear pathway in regard to steeping up and drill size. Once you are at your target, there are different types of implants that will suit the pilot guide or the surgical site.

One thing that’s very important to me is the feel of the equipment I’m using. With this kit, each series in the protocol is smooth and feels very comfortable. The drills all cut well, the guide planes work beautifully and implant placement is accurate. The kit is also autoclavable which makes things much easier when all the implants need to be sterile before beginning any procedure.

When it comes to placement and positioning of implants, the Neoss is my first choice of kit. Overall, I’ve had a very positive experience using this equipment.

What’s not so good

The Neoss implant kit has every base covered but with so many components, it takes some time to gain familiarity. However, I wouldn’t say that’s a big negative—you simply need to take a little extra time to get used to the layout.

Where did you get it

Neoss Australia

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