Tools of the trade: Orascoptic XV1 loupes + light


xv1-loupeby Dr Jade Sun, Sun Dental, Pakenham, VIC

I always knew that if I ever bought loupes, I wanted a set with an attached light. However, this meant there would be a cord and a battery pack which made them cumbersome and annoying for the user. For this reason, I have avoided purchasing loupes—until now.

What’s good about it

These loupes look like a sleek pair of safety glasses with two attached microscopes and a light in the centre. Prescription lens can be used. The battery is fitted in the arms of the glasses, right where they sit on your ears. It comes with four batteries—two are used in the glasses and can be swapped with two that are kept on charge. The loupes are not very heavy and a subtle headstrap takes some of the weight off your ears. The arms are also adjustable and bendable.

If used constantly, the batteries last about six hours. However, I don’t use them for every patient so they usually last me an entire day.

I suffered from a very bad back and my physio recommended I change my posture. Since wearing these loupes, I don’t have to bend as much and my back has improved dramatically. I also don’t need to adjust the overhead dental light.

It took me about a week to get used to wearing the loupes and I had few minor headaches due to eye strain. It also took a little bit of time to adjust my hand movements. I felt it was easier for me because I had been working as a dentist for nine years before using loupes and so was already very aware of my hand positions. Now I’m totally comfortable with the loupes and hardly aware that I’m wearing them.

What’s not so good

These loupes are very expensive to purchase but are worth the money. There are two light settings but I find the high setting so bright, it puts a strain on the eye. I only use the lower setting.

Where did you get it

Orascoptic Australia 

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