Tools of the trade: Oraseal



by Dr Celso Cardona, Maven Dental Inner West Sydney, Burwood, NSW

Oraseal is an adhesive material that comes in two versions—caulking and putty—and helps maintain a dry working field. It’s ready to use in a syringe and very easy to apply.

What’s good about it

There can be occasions when a rubber dam is not perfectly adapted around a tooth or the clamp doesn’t hold effectively. Saliva can then leak into the dam with the potential of contaminating a filling or a root canal. Oraseal as a caulking agent adheres to the dam and the gum, preventing saliva from leaking into the working field.

During a root canal, there are liquids such as sodium hypochlorite that taste foul if they get on the patient’s tongue. It can be a very unpleasant experience. Oraseal works extremely well at preventing leakage of those liquids into the patient’s mouth.

The second version of Oraseal has the consistency of putty. When taking an impression of the teeth, there are some situations where the undercuts need to be blocked. If they are not blocked, the impression will get caught on the undercuts and tear when being removed. Oraseal works beautifully in this regard.

If the patient has a bridge with a space underneath, Oraseal can be used to block it so the impression material doesn’t overflow into that space. There are a number of similar products that do the same job but Oraseal is the one that’s easiest to use.

What’s not so good

Oraseal sticks so securely to the gums, metal and filling materials that it can be difficult to remove once the job is finished. Any small leftover pieces have to be manually picked off. Sometimes the patient will have a little bit left in the mouth but eventually saliva will remove it and it can be spat out.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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