Tools of the trade: Panasonic Intra-oral Camera


intra-oral cameraby Dr Rouel Vergara, New Leaf Dentists, Erina, NSW

A couple of years ago, we purchased a new Planmeca dental chair and took the option of an attached Panasonic intra-oral camera. Having the camera easily available and ready to go was a great decision. It’s always there so myself and my associates can just grab it whenever we need to take a photo.

What’s good about it

I find that using this intra-oral camera allows me to communicate better with my patients. This leads to a higher acceptance of treatment and patients more accountable for their oral health.

The camera is great at confirming everything is going well. When I need to see if all the decay has been removed or that I have created a good margin when placing a crown, I can check using the camera and adjust accordingly.

I like having the camera cabled into the chair because it means there is no distortion in the images. I’ve used wireless cameras in the past, and I find there’s always a little noise that makes the photo unclear.

I was also very happy to have the Panasonic brand as it has a reputation for high quality equipment. The clarity of the images is amazing.

Most patients think that any dental work is expensive so the images allow them to see the value in their treatment. The photos are directly filed into the patient record so we have a great visual history of their treatment.

What’s not so good

As far as functionality, I have not seen any negatives with this camera. The cost is a little high but if you look at the number of cases with which it is used, it’s very good value for money.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas 

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