Tools of the trade: ProGlider files


by Dr Jacques Cawood, Hobart Family Dental, TAS

The ProGlider files can be attached to any rotary system and replace hand files when creating a glide path. I was a bit unconvinced about going into a tooth without hand files but the results with the ProGlider have been very impressive.

What’s good about it

These files respect the anatomy of the tooth. It’s not very aggressive compared to a hand file but it does the job extremely well. The file just follows the curve of the root so there’s less chance of ledging and losing length. It’s also very easy on patients who often don’t even realise what’s happening. Multiple hand files are no longer needed to create a glide path; the ProGlider does it all in one
easy movement.

The files are made from a nickel titanium alloy and have great flexibility. Breakage is always a risk but these files feel very safe. I’m very cautious in my approach and don’t lean heavily on the file but it follows the path beautifully. I’ve been pretty amazed at where it can go—it can certainly reach places that would have been impossible with hand files. The ProGlider just slides through and gets down to length very quickly and easily.

Its flexibility is really handy when dealing with extremely curved canals, particularly in posterior molars. The ProGlider does away with all the hard work with the hand file and you’re guaranteed a glide path that allows you access without any trouble.

What’s not so good

To be honest, I really don’t have a negative word about these files. It might be handy if they came in different lengths but that’s really a minor issue.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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