Tools of the trade: Radii Plus


curing lightby Dr Sarah Varma, The Smile Clinique, Perth, WA.  

This is a curing light that can be simply converted to a whitening light. The UV curing light is detached and an LED light used for whitening is easily attached.

What’s good about it

Teeth whitening is a big part of our practice and I’ve used a lot of different systems over the course of my career. The Radii Plus is very compact and easy to move around. It’s also very convenient and easy to change from a whitening light to a curing light. The unit is cordless and sits in a recharge cradle when not in use.

LED light produces minimal heat and that makes it more comfortable for patients. I use Pola Office teeth whitening solution and it works extremely well with the Radii Plus light. Pola Office is Australian made and has a high water content so there is reduced sensitivity for patients.

The whitening process requires an eight-minute treatment administered at least three times. The results are fantastic and patients are very happy. I’ve been using this system for the past two years in my own practice and for several years prior as an associate dentist, and I haven’t had a single complaint. The Radii Plus is an effective, multifunctional, multipurpose piece of equipment.

What’s not so good

The battery life isn’t long enough. After three rounds of whitening, the battery will die and needs to be recharged for a few minutes. It slows the whole process down if you are doing five rounds of whitening. I believe SDI is addressing the problem and the next generation of light will have a longer battery life and multifunctional attachments.

Where did you get it

SDI Ltd 

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