Tools of the trade: Sirolaser


by Dr Jamie Jones, Sydney Road Dental Care, Manly, NSW

This soft tissue laser is a very handy machine. It has allowed me to achieve much better results compared to employing traditional dental techniques and retraction cord.

What’s good about it

I use the Sirolaser to re-contour patients’ gums for a better aesthetic look when undertaking gingivectomies and during crown preparations. If there are flabby gums or a difficult area that’s bleeding excessively, the laser works quickly and cauterises beautifully. It works particularly well at controlling bleeding during crown preparations.

For some minor gingivectomy cases, I’ve used the Sirolaser without anaesthetic and the patients haven’t experienced any pain during the procedure. However, this is only when dealing with very minor issues—most of the time I use local anaesthetic as a precaution. After the procedure, the patient has great results, very fast healing and there is minimal pain.

Being a left-hander, you soon notice that most things in the dental world are designed for right-handed people. The Sirolaser is a completely ambidextrous machine.

What’s not so good

There is some set-up time before using the laser. The room needs to be prepared, patients and staff have to be fitted with special eyewear, specific settings need to be inputted into the laser and ‘Lasers are in progress’ cards need to be positioned at the front of the room. However, this kind of set-up is standard procedure with all lasers.

Where did you get it


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