Tools of the trade: Sty haemostat solution


styby Dr Chris Waters, Be Dental, Arundel, QLD

This solution is designed for temporary retraction of the gingival margin but has no real value in that regard. However, it works very well at achieving haemostasis and effectively stopping bleeding. It’s a good, simple product I’ve been using for years.

What’s good about it

It stops any gingival bleeding as soon as it’s applied. The solution is simply rubbed onto the gums with a microbrush, rinsed off with water, and in 90 per cent of cases the bleeding will stop instantly.

Sty solution is very handy during any adhesive procedures when a moisture-free field is required. I use it frequently, particularly when working interproximally or on the margins where there’s some inflammation or bleeding.

While there are plenty of other similar products in the market, I’ve found that some of them can have discolouring issues. Sometimes they react with the impression material and can inhibit the setting of that material. Sty solution does not have either of these problems.

Occasionally these types of product will have a bitter taste but I’ve never had any complaints from my patients. I just apply, rinse it off into the suction and everything is fine.

What’s not so good

This is a fantastic product that doesn’t have any negatives. It can seem expensive when you see the little 13mm bottle but because you just dab it on with a microbrush, it actually lasts for quite a long time.

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