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Uveneer_Screen-Shot-_PPby Dr Gabriela Ciubuc-Batcu, Primary Dental, Southport, QLD

I purchased Uveneer, a composite veneer template system, in June 2014 and I find it very easy to use. The templates are fantastic at creating mock-ups to show patients how they will look when the veneers are in place. When actually creating composite veneers, the process is a breeze.

What’s good about it

In the past, creating a mock-up was slow work. It took at least half an hour and I sometimes needed to bring the patient back for a second visit. In those cases, patients often decided not to go ahead with the veneers.

With the Uveneer system I can create a couple of mock-ups in five minutes. When a patient can see the end result straightaway, I’ve noticed that they have a greater acceptance of the procedure.

When using the system to create composite veneers, it’s quick, easy and the results are fantastic. I have done six composite veneers in one appointment. A big advantage is that the veneers don’t need any polishing. The templates that shape the composite also block the oxygen layer that forms on top of the veneer. The results are shiny and very life-like.

The templates can also be sterilised in the autoclave for multiple use. It really is a great system.

What’s not so good

The templates are shaped to fit the majority of people but they can be difficult to use when a patient has irregular teeth. If there was greater variation in the size and shape of the templates that would be very helpful. I talked to Dr Sigal Jacobson [inventor of Uveneer] recently and she informed me that she is in the process of doing exactly that.

Where did you get it

Dental Art Innovations

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