Tools of the trade: VistaCam Digital


by Dr Deborah Setiawan, Royal Park Dental, SA

This intra-oral camera is a vital device for both our existing and new patients. I use it during most examinations.

What’s good about it

The images I take with this camera help our patients to understand any problems in their mouth. It shows the condition of their teeth and the state of their oral health. This is a great way to educate patients who then feel actively involved in the treatment discussions. The pictures help patients understand the required treatment and as a result, there is a greater motivation for them to proceed with the treatments.

Most new patients usually come to the practice with existing dental problems. We can show them what’s wrong and explain treatment options. Having the ability to clearly show our patients such problems as decay or cracking is the start of building trust.

Displaying photos of before-and-after treatment is another advantage of the camera. This helps patients make an informed decision about their treatment and motivates them to commit.

All the images are kept in the patient files and we can use them to track ongoing conditions and keep a record of treatment done.

What’s not so good

This camera was part of the practice when I took it over and a wire at its base was not secure. To fix the loose connection, the camera had to be sent to Germany and took about eight weeks to return.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas

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