Tools of the trade: VistaScan Mini View


by Dr Paul Crichton, Jetty Dental, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Having just recently purchased Jetty Dental, the VistaScan Mini View was perfect for my needs.

What’s good about it

When I purchased Jetty Dental, they were still developing X-rays with chemicals. It was messy, smelly and each film took about five minutes to process. Using the Vistascan eliminates all that and the image is available to view in a much shorter time frame. Once you take an image using a phosphor plate—which is about the same size as X-ray film—the plate is processed through the Vistascan. The results come up on a computer screen in about seven or eight seconds. The software allows you to manipulate the image. You can show things in detail to patients and I’ve found that they can interpret the image much easier than with X-rays. Patients are also exposed to less radiation. The compact unit fits nicely between our two computers. The multiple-use phosphor plates are good for probably thousands of exposures. It’s a fast and efficient system that produces great images.

What’s not so good

It’s expensive but will earn back its initial outlay pretty quickly. It’s slower than a sensor system that produces images immediately. However, eight seconds isn’t really too long to wait. The sensor systems can be difficult to position in the mouth due to the attached cord.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas 

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