Tools of the trade: Waterlase Express


Waterlaseby Dr Kar Mun Chan, Kiddies Dental Care, Essendon and Werribee, VIC

This is a new generation Waterlase and one of the biggest improvements is that it’s completely portable. The earlier generations could be moved from room to room but not between practices. We have more than one practice and to be able to use the unit at different locations is very handy.

What’s good about it

I mainly use the Waterlase for soft tissue procedures and find it very accurate, efficient and predictable. The most common procedures are frenectomies and exposure of impacted teeth. The water coolant minimises collateral damage to the surrounding tissue. Waterlase can also be used for cavity preparation, perio, implant and endo procedures. I was told by the manufacturer that it is powerful enough for primary teeth cavity preparation, but I’m yet to try that. The touch screen is user-friendly. It also comes with a water bottle but must be plugged into an air supply with a compressor before use. I have air lines installed in each room at all my practices, which makes it easy to attach. The unit is fairly lightweight and easy to carry. We’ve only owned this unit for a few months but I’m very happy with it. The service and support is pretty good too.

What’s not so good

The unit is designed to be portable but it only comes with a cardboard carton box. Obviously, this is going to wear out fairly quickly and I’ve asked the supplier if there’s a sturdier suitcase available. They said they are working on it. The laser is not as powerful as the previous generation Waterlase, so application in cavity preparation on permanent teeth could be limited.

Where did you get it

Dental Axess

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