Tools of the trade: Zeiss OPMI PROergo microscope


by Dr Tony Cameron, Dentistry First, Mooloolaba, QLD

I purchased the OPMI PROergo about 13 years ago after completing a couple of courses on microscope dentistry. I liked its magnification, clean light and the ability to zoom.

What’s good about it

Instead of stepping up magnification through a number of different lenses, this microscope has zoom focus and zoom magnification. The binocular eyepieces also have convergent magnification that makes it very easy on the eye. There is no eye strain as you simply increase the magnification as needed.

At the time I purchased it, I had been bending over patients for 23 years and was having a lot of trouble with my neck. When using this microscope, you are seated with shoulders held upright. The neck is in a neutral position and there’s no bending or stretching. Soon after I started using it, my pain disappeared and I could turn my neck around—and still can today.

From the patient’s point of view, the microscope is just a small box above them. When I operate without it, my head and body are much closer to them and more intrusive. Patients are very accepting of the microscope and realise that it allows me to do better dentistry.

Seeing things clearly is incredibly important in dentistry and this microscope works fantastically well. I use it for all procedures and there’s no doubt that it has improved the quality of my dentistry.

What’s not so good

The field of view is quite small. If I want to put some form into a tooth, I need to push the microscope aside and have a look with the naked eye. There’s also a couple of areas in the mouth that are difficult to see when using the microscope.

Where did you get it


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