Tools of the Trade: Topdent Microbrushes

So simple it's hard to knock them.

Dr Wayne Ottaway, Pickup and Associates, Launceston, TAS


These are simple little brushes that I’ve been using for years. There’s nothing high-tech about them—they’re just a thin plastic handle with a fuzzy end. I use them for the precise application of various materials onto teeth.


What’s good about it

The small compact brush prevents too much material being used and allows for the accurate placement of liquid onto the tooth. They also come in different colours and brush shapes. The neck of the brush can be bent to allow access to all the difficult nooks and crannies.

When placing a restoration on a tooth, I use three different coloured  microbrushes and disposable plastic mixing wells.

I use a red microbrush for the acid etch, a green one for the dentine primer and a blue brush for the bond. This ensures there’s no mixing of materials, particularly when doing multiple fillings.

It also means that the dental assistants know at what stage I’m working by the colour of the brush. It’s a simple little system that works very well.

By reversing the brush and using the handle end, the microbrushes can also be used when mixing other dental materials such as self-cure acrylic. They come in boxes of 100 and are cheap as chips.

They’re also useful around the house if you need to mix cements such as Araldite.


What’s not so good

They are such a simple device that it’s hard to find any negatives.


Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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