Traxodent Hemodent paste


by Dr Dianne Haddad-Ferraro, My Dental On Prospect, Prospect, SA

During crown preparations, I’ve been using Traxodent in substitution of the secondary retraction cord. I still use the primary retraction cord but then syringe the paste around the gumline. It’s much more comfortable for the patient than having two cords placed.


What’s good about it

Traxodent has the added component of haemostasis along with its retraction feature. In some situations it’s possible to use the paste completely in place of retraction cords. It’s very useful when there is a cavity under the gumline and you need some haemostasis. By syringing the paste onto the gum, leaving it on for a few minutes then washing it off, it stops the gum bleeding into the cavity. It also aids the healing process after the procedure.

From a patient comfort perspective, it’s great. It’s easy for the clinician to place as it has an inbuilt syringe tip that provides excellent reach.

I’ve tried similar products but never had a great deal of success with them. I’ve been very happy with Traxodent—it’s an easy product to use and it decreases patient discomfort.


What’s not so good

The syringe tip is very small but it can still be a bit bulky because you are trying to use it around the sulcus. In some situations you don’t always feel like your getting the paste where it needs to be. It would be better if the syringe tip was finer but the consistency of the material probably means that it can’t be changed.

The paste also has an unpleasant taste. It would be great if they could improve the flavour.


Where did you get it

Gunz Dental.

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