TrollDental recycled instruments are Around Good People

Around Good People in Nepal.
Around Good People in Nepal.

TrollDental received the ADIA “Dental Industry Partnership Award” and “Presidents Award”, and locally the Alstonville /Wollongbar Chamber of Commerce’s “Business of the Year Award” in 2014 for their work with the LM EcoAct campaign.

The LM EcoAct campaign runs for two months and allows clinics to return any hand instruments – any brand, in any condition – to TrollDental in exchange for a 25 per cent discount on new LM Instruments.

Returned instruments are sorted and graded, reconditioned if necessary and made available to non profit organisations such as Around Good People for use in charitable oral health programs in disadvantaged communities.

“For the last two years I have had the privilege of helping establish a wonderful organisation called Around Good People,” says the organisation’s Ambassador, Harmohan Singh.

Around Good People is a non-profit grassroots level health-care organisation working to address issues by providing meaningful oral healthcare service in the mountain communities of Nepal through the volunteering services of dental/oral healthcare students and professionals from the overseas universities and hospitals.

Troll Dental's recycled instruments are being put to good use in Nepal.
Troll Dental’s recycled instruments are being put to good use in Nepal.

“As a pioneering leader in the field of international volunteerism in the field of Public Oral Health Care Delivery initiative with the active participation and ownership of the community themselves, we know that the best approach to Oral Health Care in a resource poor country like Nepal is international volunteering—the only approach—is the one designed by the community.

“In every community in which we work, we have long-standing relationships with local organisations who communicate real-time needs and objectives to the Around Good People Team so that our volunteers can work alongside local people and make a sustainable impact.”

Go to for more information on the organisation and their projects. For further information on TrollDental’s LM EcoAct campaign go to or call 1800 064 645.

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