University of Sydney launches new Master of Dental Public Health degree

Master of Dental Public Health degree
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The University of Sydney has just launched a new master’s degree in dental public health that brings together dentistry and public health disciplines to transform oral health at a population level.

The new Master of Dental Public Health (MDentPH) program, is subject to accreditation by the Australian Dental Council (ADC) and approval by the Dental Board of Australia. 

Once approved, it will be the only program in Australia leading dental graduates who meet the standard for general registration in Australia to apply for registration as a specialist in public health dentistry.

As a specialised field of study within the broader discipline of public health, the course will also benefit non-dentists with an interest in influencing widespread community change in oral health.

“We recognise the growing need for experts in this field to provide leadership and guidance that will create widespread change, and through this course we’re aiming to create leaders in an emerging field, where dental expertise, public health knowledge, policy acumen, and research innovation work hand in glove,” said program director and chair of Population Oral Health at the University of Sydney School of Dentistry, Professor Woosung Sohn.

The one-year full-time (two-year part-time) degree will commence in 2021, with applications closing 30 November 2020.

This article was sourced from the University of Sydney news website.

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