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3D printing dental

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3D printing continues to change the way dental practices treat their patients. 

Streamlining customised production

No one set of teeth is alike hence dental prostheses must be produced with customisation. Conventionally, this is done through CAD/CAM milling technology. Milling can result in material wastage and calls for further manual crafting. Additionally, prostheses made through traditional methods have limitations when complex anatomy is involved. There are also restrictions regarding the volume at which crowns, implants, dentures, and other dental devices can be manufactured. 

With 3D printing technologies, printed crowns and alike can be produced in various volumes in-house to avoid outside interference. Even though dental prostheses are explicitly designed for one patient, having multiples at a dentist’s disposal would be an asset. There have been cases where the integrity of a crown has been compromised due to storage conditions and temperature changes during their transportation from a clinic to a laboratory. This leads to the crown being unfit for its intended patient. As a result, the overall restoration process will be prolonged as dental professionals have to spend time creating a new model or doing all they can to salvage the initial prosthetic. 

Creating a digital patient

In-house 3D printing has been shown to reduce a patient’s overall treatment time and improve the precision of implant placement, as alterations can be made efficiently. In some cases, during a patient’s treatment plan, improved digital documentation enables a dentist and patient a more in-depth view of virtual 3D models before fabrication. In doing so, patient concerns can be alleviated as they visualise their treatment. More accurate surgical predictions can also be made with new digital workflow software. Moreover, 3D printed scaled anatomical models can be used as study devices. Patients with unique oral anatomies can physically see their problem areas with these tangible tools. Dentists are able to use these models for future training on more complicated cases.

“You probably know Straumann® as the market leader in dental implants. But did you know that we offer holistic solutions from implants to prosthetics with a fully digital workflow?”

Guillaume Daniellot, CEO Straumann Group

The next generation of digital solutions

Straumann Group Digital Solutions delivers consistent, high-quality products you can rely on. Reliable enough to meet the demand for high productivity in dental labs. Flexible enough for a wide variety of indications and applications. Our range of digital solutions allows dental laboratories to increase productivity and enhance their customer service offering. Easy-to use, plug-and play features allow you to improve overall efficiency and shorten patient treatment time. Our digital workflow allows the combination of individual components to work together to deliver high-quality performance, giving you access to a complete solution from a single supplier.

Digital solutions that make your work flow

At Straumann Group we have redefined 3D digital printing in launching the Straumann® P50+, our advanced top of the range professional 3D printing offering. The Straumann® P50+ delivers convenience whilst minimising human error.  

Move into the digital fast lane, with a modern approach and a new way of working.

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