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verifloss2aby Dr Kim Davies, Bytes Dental, Ballina, NSW

Verifloss is the handiest flossing stick on the market. Other models are either too short, making them difficult to hold and fiddly to use, or they need to be pre-loaded. Loading up floss every day can be a discouragement to patients. It needs to be good to go as soon as it’s picked up. 

What’s good about it

Verifloss has a long ergonomic handle that makes it easy to reach the back teeth. The head can swivel and lock to the desired angle. I also find the required hand motion is very natural and intuitive.

There’s no need to reload it after each use—the floss is simply washed under the tap. The floss is very strong but will eventually fray. When it snaps, the old head is flicked out and a new head is clicked in. It comes with 10 replacement heads and packets of re-fill heads are available. Ten heads will probably last for one year depending on how smooth the teeth are.

I always get my patients to try traditional floss first. If they are struggling with it then I offer the Verifloss as a solution. It’s so easy to use that it hopefully encourages everyone to floss regularly. My four-year-old even uses it.

What’s not so good

If the teeth have any catches or snags where the floss might shred then it’s a problem. I ensure that my patients have snag-free restorations before I recommend Verifloss.

The other negative is that they aren’t using a fresh bit of floss as they work their way along the teeth. I instruct my patients to start at the front of their mouth, work back and rinse. I don’t want them to bring bacteria from the back teeth to the front of the mouth.

Where did you get it

Erskine Dental.


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