Watch your mouth: it’s Dental Health Week

dental health week

The Australian Dental Association is using the occasion of Dental Health Week (5-11 August) to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health. 

This year, the message will be reinforced via the tagline ‘How’s Your Oral Health Tracking?’, which draws on the ADA Oral Health Tracker report cards, a world-first initiative that documents and tracks Australia’s oral health status. 

ADA’s oral health promoter Dr Mikaela Chinotti said it was important that both adults and kids brush morning and night, as well as floss daily, eat a nutritious diet low in sugar and visit their dentist regularly.

“If people follow these four key steps, they’re likely to maintain good oral health, decreasing their risk of tooth decay and gum disease,” Dr Chinotti said.

“There’s still a lack of understanding surrounding some aspects of oral health. For example, not many adults know that frequent consumption of wine can damage your teeth due to its low pH level, which can cause tooth erosion.

“Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in Australian adults and children,” Dr Chinotti added. “It’s a disease that’s largely preventable, so we want to help instil good dental habits from an early age.”

Since the best oral care education occurs face to face, from dental professional to patient, the ADA is encouraging members to use the Dental Health Week website, the associated resources, and even the ADA’s Oral Health Tracker to help start conversations with their patients and the wider community about keeping track of their mouth health and making their oral health a high priority.

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