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DM Insights

To truly grow in clinical knowledge, practices need data to refine the treatment process. That’s where DentalMonitoring intelligence solutions fit in. Designed to promote enhanced care, practice growth and an improved patient experience, DM solutions now include an intelligent data hub called DM Insights.  

DM Insights is a one-stop platform tracking all the elements needed to better manage day-to-day operations: practice activity, clinical data, patient compliance, lead engagement and a unique benchmarking option to compare practice analytics with other practices and market trends. Not only do these insights unlock a new level of clinical understanding but they also help practices enhance the quality of care and grow at the same time.

“DM Insights gave us the evidence we needed to review our systems and procedures and make the necessary changes to improve,” says Dr Rhonda Coyne

Get an inside look into your practice and turn data into actionable insights. 

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