Why not host a tea for teeth?

tea for teeth

If you would like to lessen the distressing impact of oral disease on people’s everyday lives, this is your chance to register to host a morning tea during Dental Health Week (5–11 August) to raise money to help the eviDent Foundation continue its valuable research to improve the oral health of all Australians.

The current oral health statistics are sobering:

  • Almost 50 per cent of children with cardiac conditions have their surgery delayed as their dental treatment needs to be managed first.
  • Oral cancer is the 8th and 13th most common cancer for males and females respectively.
  • 1.7 million Australians have diabetes; rising obesity, dietary changes and sedentary lifestyles are driving diabetes rates to the point that this number will double by 2025.

You and your Tea for Teeth guests can help change this by donating as much as possible to:

  • Give children with cardiac conditions better access to care;
  • Improve our ability to detect oral cancer in its early stages;
  • Develop a clinical guideline for dentists to identify patients with suspected undiagnosed pre-diabetes/diabetes that will also enhance referral pathways for better diabetes prevention, diagnosis and management.

Start fundraising early to make the most of your campaign. Refer to eviDent’s Host Guide to receive everything you need to hold your Tea for Teeth event.

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