X-Smart and ProTaper files


ProTaper filesI use ProTaper files and the X-Smart endodontic motor and handpiece for 100 per cent of my root-canal therapy procedures. This set-up is efficient and extremely user-friendly.

What’s good about it

I enjoy performing root-canal therapy and this system makes quite a complex aspect of dentistry just that little bit more enjoyable. The motor is rechargeable and the attached handpiece is controlled with a simple push of a button.

The ProTaper nickel titanium files are very flexible
and have a high wear rate. They are durable so the chance of fracturing in the canal is just about zero.
I like the fact that ProTaper are always improving their product. They’ve recently released a new set of files called ProTaper Next. While there’s a reduced number of files, they have a new cutting edge, increased flexibility and
a swaggering movement.

Prior to moving to Australia, I used my previous machine for about six years. I’ve been using my current machine for about three years and it’s never missed
a beat. In practices where I’ve worked, I’ve actually never heard of an X-Smart machine requiring any repair
work. It’s a reliable, durable and very easy to use endodontic system.

What’s not so good

While the X-Smart holds a charge that lasts for a couple
of days, you simply have to remember to charge it. If it’s
a busy week for root canal therapy then you really need
to make sure it’s on the charger at the end of each day.

Where did you get it


by Dr Michelle Forsyth, Tassie Smiles Dental, Lindisfarne, TAS


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