Xceed Limits with Lara XL 28

Lara XL

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Product innovation is about overcoming limits. Exceeding them is at the core of W&H’s ambition to develop state-of-the-art technology and tools that make dental practices’ work safer, more efficient, and more patient-friendly. With the new Lara XL, W&H is launching a sterilizer that further complements the already high-performing and popular sterilizer models. More features, more innovation, more capacity – Lara XL will exceed all your expectations.

The fastest sterilization cycles in their class, a thought-out documentation, an intuitive navigation and much more, make the W&H sterilizer models the first choice for thousands of dental practices. Lara XL is now breaking the ground for even more innovation and usability. It has been further developed by providing a larger capacity and even more useful features. In addition, the advanced technology is geared to adapt to future developments and ensure comprehensive connectivity as well as upgradeability.

Xceeding performance

The patented Eco Dry + technology automatically adjusts drying times to the mass of the load, thus reducing cycle times and optimising energy consumption. A “green solution” for sterilization processes, that as a side effect also extends the service life of instruments by keeping heat exposure to a necessary minimum

Xceeding capacity

Lara XL features an impressive chamber size of 28 litres. The higher volume allows for up to 7 kg of wrapped instruments to be reprocessed in one go. A unique and extremely flexible rack system with six large trays makes clever use of the increased capacity.

Xceeding connectivity

Lara XL is based on a sophisticated and future-oriented technical concept that allows the sterilizer to be easily connected to other devices in order to simplify handling, documentation and reporting. Innovations such as the ioDent®system or the W&H Steri App are forward-looking ways of integrating practical digital tools into the workflow.

Xceeding upgradeability

Lara XL can be upgraded with two W&H Activation Codes: EliTrace and Fast Cycle. Traceability is a key feature for making workflows efficient, safe, and transparent. With its advanced documentation system, EliTrace offers traceability down to the single instrument. A barcode labels each pouch and informs on when its content has been successfully sterilized. Fast Cycle is an additional function that allows sterilization of unwrapped items in just 20 minutes.

Xceeding usability

Intelligent menu structures enable intuitive navigation through all functions of the Lara XL sterilizer. A wide range of options can be operated via the colour touch display. Manual filling of the water tank is facilitated by an integrated funnel. Connection to a demineralization system is also possible, which automates filling and draining.

Xceeding Service

With the largest service network in Australia and our local Service Center in Adelaide our technician are able to support in every possible way.

Lara XL is pushing the boundaries when it comes to capacity, energy-saving, and fast B cycles. Its connectivity and advanced traceability options make the sterilizer ready for all individual needs. Now and in the future. 

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