Fairway Dental: XO Care Dental Units


bite-COFaiway Dental is pleased to announce that the XO-4 dental unit has landed and is ready for inspection.

XO Care (formerly Flex Dental and Goof) is a Danish, family owned business which has been producing and innovating high quality dental units and equipment since 1951 (including the world’s first ultrasonic scaler with rotating titanium tip).

Expertly crafted by Bang & Olufsen designers Jacob Jensen (and featuring an almost exclusively metal construction), its classic, timeless design and quality will give superb service for decades to come. The XO-4 is available in four different paint colours, 10 premium “Scuba” memory foam colours, and 10 standard “Skai” colours – enabling you to produce some spectacular custom combinations!

The beautiful design is not just skin deep though with the XO-4 giving an unbelievably comfortable experience with optional inflatable lumbar support, super low patient entry, and an official load rating of 180kg. With a focus on legitimate modern ergonomics, comfort and productivity with features such as “Instant View” and “Smartlink”, the XO-4 is sure to impress even the most demanding practitioners.

Smartlink is especially useful for endodontics and implants with customisable instruments programs that can enable a 30% time saving on your treatments. Great news for both you and your patients.

Call Fairway Dental on 1300 229 706 to arrange an appointment to view this extraordinary dental unit.

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