Young Dentist Conference coming to Sydney


YDC 2016 coming to SydneyYoung dentists in search of CPD points should get ready for the upcoming 5th annual Young Dentist Conference (YDC) in Sydney this August.

YDC 2016, run by Dental Protection, aims to help dentists at the beginning of their careers and is aimed at those within their first six years of graduation.

This year’s YDC is set to cover a wide range of topics that will be covered by experts in the field. says attendee Dr Louise Hanrahan.

“This year’s lecturers promise to offer advice, inspiration and tips in their various fields,” she said.

“Some topics will be immediately useful to attending graduates, such as Dr Jonathon Moore’s presentation about success in endodontics and Dr Andre Bendyk’s discussion of implants and periodontics; however, [Dental Protection] understands young dental graduates are looking to become well-rounded practitioners, and also focus on patient care and communication. It’s not all about ‘how not to get sued.’ Rather, [it’s about] learning to recognise difficult situations before they turn into a complaint with Dr Annalene Weston, and working in the business environment as a health professional and a leader with Stephanie Lorenzo, founder of Project Futures.

“Finally, any young dentist who frequents social media groups will recognise Dr David McIntosh, ENT specialist with a dental interest. Dr McIntosh is dedicated to connecting the dots between dentistry and ENT, and empowering dentists to improve their diagnostic skills and manage patients who require a more complicated level of care.”

YDC will take place at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum on 20 August from 8.30am–5.30pm followed by social networking from 5.30pm–7.30pm. Tickets can be booked at


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