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Piezomed module

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Oral surgery & implantology in perfect harmony for your treatment success. 

The Piezomed module from W&H is the game changer in piezo surgery. The module can now be used in conjunction with Implantmed Plus as a simple add-on solution. With this innovation, W&H is breaking new ground in surgical application. This ingenious modular system combines expertise from different areas to meet requirements for a maximum workflow. 

The Implantmed Plus is a true all-rounder thanks to the new Piezomed module. The new module can also be retrofitted to the implantology motor easily and affordably, combining piezo surgery and implantology in one device. This, coupled with the implant stability measurement and documentation features, makes W&H the first manufacturer to cover the entire surgical workflow. Oral surgeons can look forward to discovering a new world of treatment possibilities. 

Breaking through familiar processes 

The Piezomed module simplifies the processes in oral surgery and implantology, as users always have the right device on hand in a compact and space-saving form, whatever the application. The modular system’s standardised operation simplifies the practice team’s daily workflows. What’s more, only one irrigation tubing and one saline solution are required, which enables optimised handling and of course flawless precision cutting performance, optimal cooling of the treatment site and easiest operation. 

The W&H Piezomed instrument range includes different instruments for bone surgery, periodontology, and extraction, for retrograde endodontics and for lateral sinus lift. As soon as an instrument is inserted, Piezomed automatically detects the instrument and assigns it to the correct power class. This not only facilitates operation but also increases safety. In addition, the risk of overloading the instruments is reduced and the service life of your instruments considerably extended!

Surgical workflow redefined. 

The combination of Implantmed Plus and Piezomed module is changing working methods in oral surgery and implantology. All products and functionalities that come with the new modular system are fully tailored to the user’s workflow:

W&H’s surgical handpieces and contra-angle handpieces for oral surgery and implantology, oral maxillofacial surgery offer optimal illumination of the treatment site and facilitate perfect accurate treatment results. The handpieces with mini LED+ allow procedures to be performed with unrivalled precision, while the wireless foot control ensures greater comfort and freedom of movement.

The Osstell Beacon helps to objectively determine implant stability and measure the degree of osseointegration without jeopardising the healing process. It is a fast and non-invasive diagnosis instrument that provides precise information required for making well-informed decisions. The compact diagnosis instrument is wireless, giving you greater freedom of movement in your dental practice. Comprehensive documentation using Osstell Connect guarantees full traceability.  

Whatever you encounter, you are prepared for anything with the world of W&H for oral surgery & implantology. 

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