Your First High-Performance Desktop Dental 3D Printer 


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desktop dental 3D printer
HeyGears= UltraCraft ChairSide Pro and AirCure

Deliver a Night Guard or Splint in Just 90 Minutes. Significantly reduce the time required for designing and polishing.

When managing a dental practice today, facilities require more than just fundamental equipment; they also necessitate digitalization.

The HeyGears UltraCraft ChairSide Pro redefines small-batch performance, excelling in desktop dental application production. Boasting ±37.5µm forming accuracy and 93.7% detail restoration, it maintains stable operation and achieves 95.4% consistency across multiple print batches. With the ChairSide Pro, you are able to swiftly 3D print 56 crowns in just 20 minutes, and using HeyGears AI design and smart features you can go from scan data to final usable night guard or splint in less than 90 minutes.

Unlocking unparalleled business potential, this system’s capabilities spans four major dentistry fields, supporting over 50 dental applications and offering meticulous results to meet diverse personalized dental care needs. Its efficient and intelligent features and design allow for seamless end-to-end production management, for swifter delivery of final applications. 

HeyGears AI Splint Design software

desktop dental 3D printer

Integrated with HeyGears Cloud, a night guard can be manufactured in just 90 minutes using AI Splint Design software. Dentists simply need to upload the patient’s scanned data to the cloud or directly put it in the design software, allowing the AI to design and create the splint within approximately 1 minute. This customized splint can then be readily sent to the ChairSide Pro printer for production.

HeyGears Cloud intelligent pre-processing of the 3D printable file automatically generates the optimal support strategy, reducing the number of supports and contact surfaces to minimize the need for polishing. You can also enjoy a worry-free experience with online technical support and over-the-air remote updates.

desktop dental 3D printer
HeyGears’ AI Splint Design software

The AirCure final curing machine serves as a tool to enhance overall production efficiency. This machine, when integrated with the ChairSide Pro setup, offers effortless operation through cloud inter-connectivity with the 3D printer, streamlining the curing process for substantial time savings with consistent, high-quality results. 

As an expert in dental digitalization and 3D printing, Dr. Andrew Ip, Chief Dentist & 3D Printing Professional Consultant at AI 3D Printing Orthodontic & Implant Services, considers the ChairSide Pro Combo to be a good choice. “The HeyGears ChairSide Pro proves to be one of the most well-engineered, reliable dental 3D printers out in the market today. It is truly built for longevity and consistency in the dental office. HeyGears boasts a healthy resin collection which has been optimised for this system and as a result, users can benefit from being able to produce any common 3D printable application possible today, ranging from study or wax up models, to nightguards, surgical guides and dentures. HeyGears has considered the entire CAD/CAM workflow in mind, so users also have access to a handy and affordable design service within the online easy-to-follow client portal.”

HeyGears UltraCraft ChairSide Pro and AirCure

The UltraCraft ChairSide Pro transforms chairside production with its precise and reliable performance across a wide array of dental applications, achieved through seamless integration of advanced features. Positioned to adapt to the evolving dental industry landscape, HeyGears ChairSide Pro is poised to empower practices with effortless chairside printing and deliver exceptional results.  

HeyGears AI Splint Design software is currently under free trial.

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