Your next set of dentures may be printed

digital dentistry

Dental practitioners from around the world recently attended ADPA 2019 Brisbane incorporating the 11th World Symposium of Denturism where they heard from Australia’s leading digital dentistry experts.

This prestigious event—held by the peak national body for dental prosthetists, the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (ADPA)—focused on technology advancements including digital dentistry which covers 3D printing.

“With Australia’s ageing population and the growing focus on the health and wellbeing of our elderly through the Royal Commission on Aged Care quality and safety, it is important we continue to lead in the area of digital dentistry to help meet the growing demand for high-quality Australian-made dentures,” ADPA president Jenine Bradburn said.

“The fact that your next set of dentures could be printed from a 3D printer could have a life-changing impact on patients and the industry. We often have patients who have lost their dentures and require a new set. With subtractive and additive manufacturing like 3D printing, a patient could call for a replacement, we locate their electronic file, print their replacement and send it to them.”

ADPA member and international speaker Peter Anastasia added that this type of advancement in technology will eventually help meet the needs of aged-care residents who can’t travel, regional and remote patients, and those who simply do not have the time to go to multiple appointments.

“This is the future of dentistry and healthcare as a whole,” he said.

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