Circulation 9,424


CAB Audited March 2018
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Some dental magazines in Australia are not audited.

Who reads Bite magazine?

  • Dentists looking to improve the productivity and performance of their practice.
  • General practitioner dentists, specialists and practice managers with an eye for opportunity.
  • Dental Assistants and Hygienists.
  • Health care professionals who mean business.

How can we help promote your business?

Bite magazine offers a range of channels to reach a dental audience.

Our printed magazine is mailed to over 9,500 dental professionals every month and enjoys a reputation with readers as a high quality, valued resource.

Our advertisers continually give us feedback that Bite delivers them the best return on their marketing investment.

In addition to our printed magazine we also connect with our readers through;

  • Our weekly email newsletter News Bites
  • The content-rich website you’re on now
  • Our social media communities
  • Bite magazine’s Google and Apple app.
  • Our solus email marketing opportunities

Contact us to find out about all the opportunities available and how we can work with you to grow your business contact us to receive our media kit:


Mark Brown
T: 612 9660 6995 (ext 500)