Tools of the trade: palodent V3 sectional matrix system


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matrix system

by Dr Jessica Fung, Carlingford Court Dental, Carlingford, NSW

This is a high-quality sectional matrix system with nickel titanium rings and anatomically shaped bands. 

What’s good about it

This system can be used with all sizes of cavities but it works really well when the cavity is large. I’ve used other systems where the ring is difficult to position and won’t sit in place. This Triodent system sits really well even when the cavity is so big, there has been a lot of tooth structure lost.

The bands are anatomically contoured so they sit around the tooth really nicely. Of course, you want a good contact between the teeth and this system always reliably provides that. Sometimes they can be a bit awkward to get on and off but it’s not really an issue.

While the wedges can be a bit uncomfortable for the patient, they are flexible which helps hold them in place. If a wedge is too solid and chunky, the pressure on it will push it back out. The rings and the wedges come in a range of sizes that will suit most situations.

I’ve been using the Triodent system for about four years and I’m really happy with it. Eventually, every other system began to annoy me but this one works really nicely.

What’s not so good

This system is a little pricier than others on the market but it provides such beautiful outcomes that I believe it’s worth the money.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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