Tools of the trade: Microcopy Bite-Chek


by Dr Sonia Sahota, Smiles of Diamond Creek, VIC

Bite-Chek is slickly designed double-sided articulating film that is used to mark points of contact.  

What’s good about it?

As it’s only 19-microns thick, it allows for extremely accurate assessment and adjustments when assessing occlusion. The results are fantastic and I find I’m not adjusting too much or too little. It marks very well on enamel and all direct and indirect restorations as well as occlusal splints. Bite-Chek comes in three different colours— black, blue and red—allowing you to easily assess static and excursive movements. 

I really love the overall look and feel of it. It has an in-built handle that eliminates the need for tweezers or metal forceps which can be unpleasant if the patient bites down on them. It also doesn’t get messy and leave dye all over the place as you’re only touching the handle. 

The film holds its shape very well so you can use it quite a few times on the same patient before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Unlike other articulating paper that gets tatty when mixed with saliva, this one holds up pretty well to moisture. 

The product definitely feels high quality. I also love the packaging. 

What’s not good about it?

It can be costly as it comes in a box of 100 and you can go through them pretty quickly. 

Where did you get it from? 

Ark Health

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